About Patrick

Patrick McCrerey
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Patrick McCrerey

Patrick has years of personalized customer service experience in real estate. He knows the Richmond Metropolitan Area Market intimately. He is well versed in the Central Virginia Market as well.

Patrick always gets the absolute best deal for his clients. He believes your time is valuable and works hard to make your real estate experience as smooth and hassle free as possible.

People often inquire as to Patrick’s real estate niche and his desired clientele.  He chuckles and responds that he has none.  What he does have is his sincere belief that all people deserve solid, knowledgeable and professional representation in a real estate transaction.  With two decades of real estate exposure he moves from condos to single family dwellings to luxury estates to riverfront homes to equestrian farms and to historic offerings with ease and confidence in his knowledge and abilities. Patrick is comfortable with and often does transition from high end buyers and sellers in the morning to the first time home buyer later in the day.  This diversification of clients and properties sets him apart from his colleagues by keeping him fresh and on top of his game.