Over the years I have driven past 22nd and Jefferson Street in Church Hill.  Rarely have I consciously seen what was there because  memories from the early 80s flood my mind.  Back then when I lived on Libby Terrace in Church Hill, 2202 Jefferson had a big sign advertising the small restaurant’s speciality — Fried Boloney Burgers.  Though the restaurant name escapes me (maybe Fat Daddies ?) the sights and smells have stayed with me all the years.  Today I had an opportunity to visit Alamo BBQ at that same site.  My goodness, why have I not stopped before?  The menu is straight forward and presents many options of tender proteins and sides  beyond fabulous.  I particularly enjoyed the Texas Caviar and Jalapeño Mac & Cheeses — well thats really an understatement, lol.  I inhaled these delicious sides.  Whether you select carry home or dine outside, Alamo BBQ is a must to visit.  And take my advice, never wait years to try a new restaurant — especially on The Hill!